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Helping you understand laws and the legal system, because not knowing can destroy your life.

What If…

What if there was something out there that could help you to understand the laws before you faced legal trouble? What if there was someone who went through legal issues and then helped others to avoid going through the same experience? What if there was a website that provided legal information in easy-to-understand language that was useful for the average American citizen?

Now there is.

My Story and My Goal

Let’s say, for the sake of this site, my name is Todd Ayers and I live in Indiana. I’m a law-abiding citizen with a respectable job and I learned the hard way that ignorance is not bliss.

One night, a few years back, I went out to party with the boys. We went to a game, we went out to a few bars, and hit up a club or two. I got drunk. No surprise, that’s what people often go out to these public places with their friends to do. I may have been loud, I may have been annoying, and honestly, I don’t quite remember some of the nuances of what I may have said or done.

Much to my dismay, I caught the attention of the police, and the officer that dealt with me sure didn’t like me. Maybe I said a thing or two I shouldn’t have, who’s to say? Well, it was his to say, really.

I didn’t even know at the time that public intoxication was a crime. If I gave it any thought, I probably would have guessed that worst-case for being drunk in public—especially since I went out in public to get drunk—was a slap on the wrist equivalent to that of a minor speeding ticket, just pay the $100, go home safe, move on.

Well, not in Indiana. In Indiana, the penalty for public intoxication is a misdemeanor with a fine of up to $1000, up to 180 days in jail, or both. Yeah, I got both the fine and 120 days in jail—for something I didn’t even know was really a crime.

I ended up losing my job, missed out on a couple important family life events, and let’s not even mention the dings to my credit due to my circumstances. And now, a criminal record to boot.

I realize that my experience might be similar to something others are going through and in some cases might not even compare. I decided that Ayers Info should be committed to educating the public on laws throughout the country to help otherwise innocent people avoid going through the same thing I did.

If people had  known their rights and had been more knowledgeable about the legal system, they may not have been forced to go through such a difficult experience.

I don’t want anyone to have to go through injustice, or deal with legal troubles. I want you to know the laws that affect you, so that you can avoid legal troubles entirely. If you’re already facing legal difficulties, this site might also help you to understand the process and hopefully avoid legal problems in future.

What the Site Provides for Our Readership

Ayers Info serves as a state-by-state database of laws and regulations broken down in the simplest terms possible for everyday people. What types of information are provided? Here is a sample of legal topics the website covers:

  • Texas DWI Laws Everyone Should Know
  • How to Get a Summary Dissolution in California
  • How to Beat a Traffic Ticket in New York City
  • How to File a Personal Injury Claim for an Auto Wreck in Florida
  • What Is Michigan’s No Fault Law?
  • What Happens When You Don’t File a Tax Return?
  • Can You Go to Jail for a Crime You Didn’t Commit?
  • Arizona Drug Laws to Be Aware Of

Find the Legal Information You’re Looking For

As you can see, the site covers legal topics throughout the states, and you’re sure to find information that can help you with your situation. Whether you’re already facing legal issues, or you just want to brush up on your legal knowledge, Ayers Info can help. Everyone should know the laws that impact their lives, and that’s why I created Ayers Info.

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