How a Lawyer Can Help You Resolve Child Custody Disputes

How a Lawyer Can Help You Resolve Child Custody Disputes

How a Lawyer Can Help You Resolve Child Custody Disputes

Child custody battles can be tough for all parties concerned. This is the reason why, in most cases, lawyers are involved in one way or another.

There are various types of child custody issues that make their way to court. Parties may be fighting over who gets legal or physical custody of the child. One or both parties may make a claim for sole custody; in some cases, both parents may decide to file for joint custody.

Types of Child Custody Disputes  

Physical custody is the right of a parent to have the child live with him or her. Courts may award primary custody to one parent in some cases, such as when one parent appears to have a closer relationship with the child, or the child expresses that he or she wants to live with that parent. In cases like these, the parent without primary custody can be awarded parenting time or visitation which is a reasonable amount of time within the week or month that the parent can spend with the child.

Legal custody is the right to make parental decisions for the children such as decisions on school, medical care, and the like. In many states, courts award legal custody to both parents, allowing the non-custodial parent to participate in making important decisions for the child.

Sole custody is often given in cases when one of the parents is deemed unfit, such as when alcohol or drug dependence, negligence, or child abuse is present. It is also possible for courts to grant sole physical custody to one parent, while granting both parents joint rights to exercise legal custody over the child.

How a Lawyer Can Help You Resolve Child Custody Disputes

Due to the sensitive nature of child custody battles, it is important to work with lawyers who specialize in these kinds of disputes. Skilled and trained lawyers know how to handle sensitive and important issues such as living and transport arrangements, arrangements for holidays and vacations, grandparents’ rights, or the parental rights of same-sex couples.

Child custody issues also come with legal implications that most parents are not familiar with. Their lawyers can walk them through the various legal issues surrounding child custody and ensure that the child’s best interests remain at the forefront from start to finish. For example, guardian ad litem investigations may be ordered by the court where court-appointed professionals are allowed to talk to the children as part of the process to determine who should be granted custody. Lawyers make sure that their clients are fully-informed about the investigation process before it begins.

Working with a lawyer can become a necessity if your case becomes more complicated, if the custody issue crosses state or international lines, if abuse or neglect is involved, or if the other party is actively preventing you from seeing your child. Your lawyer can make sure that all legal remedies are in place so that your rights and the well-being of the child are protected. If you are facing a child custody dispute, it is important that you have a lawyer guiding you every step of the way; get in touch with your Terre Haute family attorney today.

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