The Basics of Workers Comp Laws in Indiana

The Basics of Workers Comp Laws in Indiana

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Hello folks! I’m back again to talk about workers compensation laws in Indiana. Most people should have at least a passing understanding of work comp laws, because you never know when you might be hurt at work. It can happen to anyone, not just people who have dangerous jobs. 

Even people who work desk jobs can be injured at work. For instance, what if you stumble and break your leg on a staircase? 

No matter what causes you to be injured at work, you have the right to file a workers compensation claim. This is true even if you are responsible for your injury. Your claim can allow you to receive benefits to help you while you recover from your injuries. 

In many cases, you can get your medical bills paid through workers compensation, and you can receive cash benefits to help replace your lost wages. This can allow you to pay bills until you can get back to work.

Is Filing a Workers Compensation Claim Difficult?

Workers compensation claims can be difficult to handle on your own, especially when you are injured and possibly immobile. Many people will hire a workers comp attorney to help them with their claims, such as this workers compensation lawyer in Indianapolis, especially when their claim is initially denied. However, it is possible to file a claim on your own, if you fully understand the process and laws.

First, you need to know that if you are hurt on the job, you have only thirty days to notify your employer of your injury. You have up to two years to file your workers compensation claim after the injury accident.

Who Can File a Workers Comp Claim?

Most workers in Indiana are able to file for workers compensation benefits for an on-the-job injury. That’s because most employers are required by law to carry work comp insurance. There are always exceptions, so you should check with your employer to see if they have workers compensation insurance. 

For example, railroad workers aren’t covered by workers compensation in Indiana, nor are independent contractors.

Todd Ayers is Here to Help You Understand the Laws That Affect Your Life

I’m Todd Ayers, and I care about helping others to understand the laws that could impact them. I don’t want anyone to struggle because they don’t know the law. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the workers compensation laws in Indiana. Check back with me next week for the next legal topic.

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