Injuries Caused by Rear-End Collisions

Injuries Caused by Rear-End Collisions

One minute, you’re sitting at a light or you’re trying to turn or you’re driving along following the speed limit. The next, someone else has rammed into your car from behind, damaging your vehicle and leaving you seriously injured.

You’ll need to seek compensation when you’re injured in a rear-end collision. Your injuries deserve care and compensation, and you shouldn’t have to handle that on your own. Instead, seek out the financial help you need through a personal injury claim.

Head Injuries

Some of the most serious injuries suffered in rear-end collisions are brain injuries. While you and the car may have stopped, your brain might keep going, slamming the inside of your skull and bruising or damaging the brain.

In most cases, this means you might have suffered a mild concussion. You might experience some memory loss, trouble focusing, or mood changes. All these symptoms can disrupt your daily life and make things more difficult.

Consequently, you might have suffered something even worse. Serious head trauma is a possibility, and it’s one that can affect you for years after the incident. You may require emergency surgery to stop the damage from worsening and causing irreparable brain damage.


Although whiplash doesn’t seem that serious, it can be a major problem when you just want to get back to your daily life. It’s more than just neck pain, though. When you’re rear-ended, you might be thrown forward, which puts pressure on your neck and back and damages the muscles.

While it might not hurt right away, whiplash can be painful and it might require physical therapy to recover. That can make it impossible to do your job for some time, meaning that you may need long-term care while also being unable to work. That makes whiplash and related injuries much more expensive after a rear-end wreck.

Taking Care of Your Injuries

When you’ve suffered through an accident, you’ll need to seek compensation for your injuries; your damages may be adding up quickly. Compensation for your collision can be tough to calculate without the assistance of an Austin auto accident lawyer.

With them, you’ll have a chance to recover the compensation you need. If you’re struggling to recover after a rear-end collision, you may be eligible for compensation from the responsible party. With an attorney’s help, you have a chance to recover from your injuries with the full compensation you should receive for the suffering you’ve endured.

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