Most Dangerous NYC Boroughs for Motorists

Most Dangerous NYC Boroughs for Motorists

There are arguments daily amongst New Yorkers when it comes to which borough is the best at something. The best bagels, the best bars, and the best basketball courts can be argued for days, but what about something not so positive? The most dangerous NYC boroughs for motorists is not exactly a badge of honor, but plenty of people are still more than curious.

Statistically speaking, Queens and Brooklyn are pretty much neck and neck when it comes to injuries to motorists. There is a lot of driving in both these areas, both by individual car owners and by taxi/Uber/Lyft services. Just under one hundred people die in each borough on a yearly basis due to car accidents. Meanwhile, each borough sits at around 17,000 total injuries a piece. To put that in perspective, both boroughs could pretty much fill Barclays Center on their own with injured drivers and passengers each year. That is a lot of damage done by motorists throughout the two boroughs.

Motorists might be the cause of a lot of these injuries and deaths, but pedestrians are the ones most susceptible to serious injury because they have no real protection from a vehicle coming their way. Just about half of all deaths in the two most dangerous NYC boroughs for motorists are not in a car. It is so bad in the city that it is becoming a bit of an epidemic. While there are a lot of accidents in the city, the most dangerous of them include one motorist and pedestrian(s).

The Bronx and Manhattan have their fair share of accidents, albeit not like the top two boroughs. Manhattan has a ton of foot traffic, but it benefits from the fact that not a lot of people even bother driving in the area. If they live in Manhattan, they either take public transportation or rely on someone who drives for a living. When in a situation where they are involved in an accident, especially one involving an injury, they would greatly benefit from contacting a car accident lawyer in the Bronx or Manhattan.

Staten Island is the only borough that really isn’t considered all that dangerous when it comes to car accidents. Not only does it have the lowest population, but it also just doesn’t have the same type of traffic as the other parts of New York City. Conclusively, it is still about average when compared to the rest of the country; Staten Island certainly still has its own share of accidents.

The city of New York is different than pretty much everywhere else in the United States – it has a blend of a large and concentrated population, a huge amount of people on foot, a ton of tourists, and poor weather in the winter months. It is extremely important to be on high alert in the city to avoid being a statistic.

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