Most Dangerous Roads for Drivers in New Orleans

Most Dangerous Roads for Drivers in New Orleans

A city’s roads must be safe for its drivers to use and travel on. If you are a resident of New Orleans, you already know that car accidents are frequent in the city and the roads are not very safe. You may also wonder about the most dangerous roads for drivers in New Orleans.

A recent study that covered over two hundred of the US’s most crowded cities identified the safest American cities as well as the most dangerous cities for drivers. The project studied many crucial parameters including statistics on car crashes, fatalities, and road conditions.  It also focused on the cost of auto insurance and its relation to how safe or unsafe a city is for its drivers.

The study identified New Orleans as the sixth most dangerous city for drivers. When it comes to auto larceny and motor vehicle theft, the city is considered as one of the least safe. The cost of auto insurance is far higher in New Orleans than it is in most other parts of the country. It has been estimated that each person has an accident on average every 7.4 years.

New Orleans has also reported an increase in pedestrian deaths as a result of car accidents. In fact, the 2016 Dangerous by Design report named Louisiana as the third most dangerous state for pedestrians.  At least half of these cases were caused by drunk driving. Also, eighty percent of pedestrian fatalities occurred at intersections.

Why Are the Roads Dangerous for New Orleans Drivers?

In its 2017 report, the national transportation research group, Trip, reported that thirty-nine percent of major New Orleans roads are in poor condition.  The deteriorating conditions of the roads contribute to traffic congestion, accidents, and cause injuries and fatalities. Driving on bad roads directly and indirectly increases the cost of vehicle maintenance and auto insurance.

Experts recommend that if one is in a car accident, the police should be informed, and if required, medical attention must be sought. Thereafter, if possible, pictures of the accident, the positions of the cars, the road conditions, and, if possible, the interior of the other car, should be taken with a cellphone. After contact and insurance details are shared with the other driver, one should speak with eye witnesses and request for their contact information.

If you or a family member has been in a car accident, you should seek the assistance of a car accident lawyer in New Orleans. Your attorney will give you sound legal advice and help you understand your rights in the given case. Your case will be supported by the police incident report, photographs of the accident site, and the testimony of the eye witnesses. Photographs of the road would also be submitted and will illustrate the bad road conditions.

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