A Good Car Accident Lawyer — Your Friend in a Time of Need

You might be a careful driver and follow all traffic related rules while driving your vehicle. However, is there any guarantee that the person driving the car behind you is as careful as you are? Chances are that he is driving under the influence of alcohol and has no control of his vehicle. Can you imagine the consequences if his vehicle collides with that of yours? Chances are that this accident might result in severe injuries to you and those traveling with you. Even though you were not responsible for the crash, you were involved in a car accident. You can rest assured that criminal charges and lawsuits are bound to arise because of this event. It is your onus to prove that you were not guilty. This might prove to be a futile task if you are driving in California and lack knowledge of interesting traffic laws in Orange County, California.

Orange County leads in the number of reported car accidents in California

Based on statistics, the number of vehicle accidents in Orange County is much more than in other parts of California. This county has witnessed more than 19 such accidents in the first five months of 2016; ambulances were involved in two of them. A recent accident resulted in the death of a 50 years’ citizen and left another seriously injured. An ambulance, crashing into a storage facility in March 2016 left two people injured. Going by these statistics, Orange County might well witness in excess of 60 car related accidents by the end of this year. If this is not enough, this area has numerous deadly highways such as the Ortega Highway, containing hairpin turns, which are the primary cause of vehicle accidents.

Why you need car accident lawyer in Orange County

Thanks to the number of increasing vehicles on the road, the number of car accidents is also on the rise. Apart from getting medical assistance soonest possible to help those injured in the crash, you also need the help of a professional car accident lawyer to assist you with legal proceedings in case you or your loved ones happen to be involved in such accidents. These professionals can help you in two different scenarios.
They can assist you to claim insurance for yourself and the other members of your family involved in the crash, as well as for your damaged vehicle, in case the negligence of the other driver caused the accident.
You were the culprit involved and need the help of a professional for defending you in the court of law.

Difference between a general attorney and a car accident lawyer
The general physician can help you for typical ailments. However, he does not have the expertise required to carry out surgical procedures. In such a scenario, you need the help of a surgeon. The same holds good when you get involved in a vehicle accident in Orange County. Most people are unaware that they might not receive the benefits they are entitled to in case they hire a general lawyer. Remember, the timing for filing claims for car accidents vary from one state to the other. A professional Orange County car accident lawyer is fully conversant about details that will help you to gain the maximum benefit from a claim.

How we work

A lot of confusion occurs in the aftermath of a car accident. Individuals involved in the crash fail to remember specific details. In numerous instances, different individuals involved in the crash provide conflicting versions of the crash. To add insult to injury car accident attorneys representing the other party often fabricate a story to avoid liability. Due to this, it is essential to gather information from the scene of the accident as quickly as possible. We understand that timely investigation of the scene of the accident ensures that vital evidence is not lost. It also helps in revealing details about the chain of events that led to the accident. In most cases, law enforcement agencies visit the scene of the accident and create a report. The unfortunate part is that most police officers creating these reports lack training in accident reconstruction. Their report might be inclusive as to who was at fault due to incorrect measurements and irrelevant data. These inconsistencies might cause you to lose the case.

Getting things right

Our car accident lawyers will obtain a copy of the report created by the police and check it thoroughly for inconsistencies. They will meet eye witnesses present at the scene that might have seen some or all of the events taking place before and at the time of the accident and note down their statements. They will check the authenticity of those statements by tallying them with physical evidence gathered from the scene of the crash. If necessary, they will take pictures of the crash scene. These details will help them when they fight your case in the court of law.

Professionals will also help you to negotiate a settlement with your insurance company. In case you did not know, insurance companies are more interested in minimizing their exposure by limiting the payment to the injured party. They use their experience while settling claims to ensure that you do not receive the sum due. Our lawyers will cite many misleading statements an adjuster will make to ensure that you receive the actual sum. They will also ensure that the insurance company does not delay in making the payment once the case is over. It is a well known fact that insurance companies try to delay a settlement as long as possible because the longer the money stays with them, the more they earn interest.


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