Settlement or Trial for Queens Car Crash Claim

Settlement or Trial for Queens Car Crash Claim

Accidents are unfortunate challenges for everyone that is involved.  Still, accidents are common and likely to affect someone we know or live near every day of the year. When they occur, a claim is filed with an insurance company.  Many times, the result is that the at-fault driver’s coverage pays for the injured parties claim. It is a known fact that insurance companies always seek to pay the least amount possible for all claims. If a lawyer is representing you in your claim against the insurer, you should receive enough compensation to cover all your expenses. Even with a lawyer, the insurer may attempt to pay out far less than the injured party should be paid.  In a case like this, you and your lawyer must consider a settlement or trial for Queens car crash claim?

What’s Covered in Your Lawsuit

Car accident lawyers in Queens will all tell you to proceed with your claim, asking for everything you feel you are owed. It will be based on your injuries and the damage you have sustained. In a claim you consider physical injuries, damage to your property, medical costs incurred, loss of wages for days off work while being treated or healing and any other damages directly resulting from the accident.

Activity in Queens

Queens is a 178 square mile borough of New York with nearly 2.4 million residents.  At any given time of the day or night there may be close to 3.5 million people in Queens due to the businesses, including LaGuardia Airport located there. With that much commuting, much of it by pedestrian vehicles, MTA buses, school buses and cabs, accidents will occur.

On-Site Detail about the Accident

Because of the activity in the borough, an accident will almost always cause a stop in the flow of traffic.  This is where the parties involved in the accident must gather details in the form of photos if they carry a cell phone or camera and witness contact information.  This will come in handy when your lawyer is attempting to settle your case.

A Trial Seeks Damages from the At Fault Driver or Insurance Company

Your lawyer will only take your case to trial if it appears the insurance company will not give you what you deserve for the damages you incurred.  It may also be necessary if the driver of the at-fault vehicle is not covered with adequate insurance but can afford to pay damages out of pocket (has cash, other valuable assets, or has a good paying job).

The choice is yours, but your lawyers will advise you to pursue a settlement or trial for a Queens car crash claim. It is your lawyers goal to make sure you are indemnified for all your damages.  You should be adequately compensated for all your inconveniences, financial, physical and mental when the case is completed.

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