Why Is Detroit So Dangerous for Drivers?

Why Is Detroit So Dangerous for Drivers?

Many studies have been done regarding what cities are the most dangerous and safest for driving in, but unfortunately, Detroit often lands at the top of the lists for most dangerous. Many large cities are found to be dangerous to drive in, but Detroit seems to be even more dangerous than other big cities in the country.

Being the winner of the Most Dangerous City for Drivers award isn’t exactly something to boast about, and drivers in Detroit may want to learn what is causing the city to rank so highly. If you drive in Detroit, you probably want to know what to watch out for so that you aren’t injured in an accident.

Read on to learn more about why Detroit is so dangerous for drivers.

Reason #1 – Quality of Infrastructure and Traffic Conditions

One of the main reasons that driving in Detroit is so dangerous is because the actual roadways aren’t well made or safe to drive on. When a city is poorly designed this can lead to accidents, and if roads aren’t well maintained things are only going to get worse. The only way to correct this issue is to pour money into improving infrastructure.

The city can make it a point to improve dangerous intersections, fill in potholes, widen roads, repaint faded lane markings, and much more.

Additionally, traffic conditions play a major role in accidents. More roads may need to be added and lanes may need to be increased or widened to make driving conditions better for everyone, especially during high-traffic times.

Reason #2 – Auto Safety

This one can encompass a great many issues. Firstly, the vehicle itself needs to be well maintained, so that accidents aren’t being caused by bald tires, failing brakes, or other issues directly related to vehicle maintenance.

Next, we need to look at the manufacturing of vehicles in Detroit. Are the automobiles in Detroit of good quality? Are many people driving around in older models? Are there laws that can increase auto safety?

Reason #3 – High Crime Rates

Driving in Detroit could be dangerous in other ways, such as being involved in a carjacking. Also, auto theft is very high in Detroit, so even if you aren’t hurt in an accident you could have your vehicle stolen.

It’s no secret that Detroit has a high crime rate, and this can increase a driver’s chances of being hurt in an accident with uninsured and unlicensed drivers.

Have You Been Injured in a Vehicle Collision in the Detroit Area?

If you’re one of the unlucky ones who’ve been victim to Detroit’s dangerous driving conditions, you may be able to bring suit against the person responsible for your accident. Filing an injury claim can allow you justice and compensation for your experience and accident-related expenses.

To get the money you deserve for an accident caused by someone else you might want to hire a Detroit auto accident lawyer. Lawyers can analyze your case to determine whether you can leave Michigan’s no-fault system and file your claim against the driver that hurt you.

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